April Rhodes Cook Letter

We are now officially in primary season. More than half of the states will decide their nominees for the House, Senate and Governor's races in May and June. To help provide context to the latest 2018 developments, we're excited to offer our subscribers access to the Rhodes Cook Letter.

This issue looks at the current Republican dominance of elected politicians. Historically, such dominance rarely lasts long. This issue also looks at the latest 2018 primaries and ongoing special elections.

Rhodes Cook is a former political writer for Congressional Quarterly, where he covered presidential and congressional elections from 1975 to 1997. Since then he has worked independently, writing biennial editions of America Votes over the last two decades, as well as several books on the presidential nominating process. He also writes a political newsletter, "The Rhodes Cook Letter," columns for Sabato's Crystal Ball, and at various times blogs for The Wall Street Journal's online edition.